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Children and young people: you can get help!

Are you not doing so well, are you afraid or are you sad? You have the right to protection and support! Here you will learn what you can do.

Are you affected by violence, fighting and anger at home? Is someone hurting you? Are you treated badly by other people at school? Are your parents not looking after you properly? Have you been touched by someone, even though you didn't want them to? If you have experienced or observed something like this, it is important for you to confide in someone. Even if you have been forbidden from talking about it – you can get help at any time! You have the right to protection and support!

Try to find someone that you trust and talk to them about it.

Or get advice and support by phone or online,
for example at JugendNotmail:
There, specialists provide crisis advice around the clock – in German, English, Russian, Ukrainian, Slovakian/Czech, Polish. It is completely free and confidential, and you don't need to give them your name.

You can also go to the town hall near where you live.
There, you will receive advice, or find out where you can get advice. This assistance is also free of charge and confidential for everyone – even for children and young people who come without their parents because they have problems or are in emergency situations.