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Parents and other adults: advice and assistance in case of risks to children

Here you will learn what you can do when children are in danger, or when you as parents require support.

Who can I turn to when I see that a child needs help?
Child protection is everyone's business! It's important to look closely and act. Do you suspect or have you observed that children or young people might be neglected or mistreated?

As a parent, where can you find help when you no longer know what to do yourself?
Are you pregnant and don't know how to proceed? Do you feel overwhelmed in your everyday family life or with topics related to raising children?

Then go to your town hall or to your municipal administration!
There, you will receive direct support or be referred to a suitable advice centre or authority. This assistance is free of charge and confidential for everyone – even for children and young people who come without their parents because they have problems or are in emergency situations.

If children or young people are in acute danger and you cannot reach anyone at the town hall, you can also phone the police. The emergency number 110 is always free of charge, even via smartphone.

An offer of advice specifically for women and girls who have suffered or are currently suffering from violence. Relatives and friends can contact the support hotline as well. The trained team members will give advice and refer you to regional support programmes. The advice is free of charge, anonymous, and available in many languages.

Phone 116 016
You can reach someone via the hotline around the clock.
The website with information about the support hotline is available in multiple languages.

If people experience exceptional dangers, such as through war or having to flee their country, this can lead to psychological injury. For this reason, there are special offers of help for refugee children and young people (and their parents). Even a "normal" relocation to another country can be psychologically stressful for the family.

Lower Saxony network for refugees who have experienced trauma
The network offers advice and support in multiple languages, and also specialised consultation hours for children and young people: www.ntfn.de

Online guide for parents
The website for refugee parents contains information about how traumatised children behave, depending on their age, and shows the correct ways for parents to respond. It is translated into multiple languages.

Mental health information
Two short films (approx. 2 minutes) with information about the mental health of children and young people. The films also show who you can turn to in Germany if you think that your child needs help.

The films are available at www.achtung-kinderseele.org/filme  and www.youtube.com

Children and young people

You can get help!
Are you not doing so well, are you afraid or are you sad? You have the right to protection and support! Here you will learn what you can do.